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Friday, October 20, 2006

Stupid wind!!!!

Well the wind is blowing its' ass off today and it took its' toll on me.
We had a dryer fire last week so needless to say our dryer is out of commission for now. Well I had to wash clothes today before we were overthrown by dirty clothes. So I hung them out off the porch ghetto style since I don't have a clothes line either. Well, the stupid wind picked up and it looked like rain so I decided to bring them in while I still could. I had gotten one set in and pushed the storm door shut to get the rest. That is when the stupid frikin wind slammed the door right into my ankle.
I finished getting the clothes and came in to asses the damage. I have a bad cut on my ankle and it has since swollen. I will see how it is later, but I will not be hanging anymore clothes out today.


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