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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Top 10 reasons.....

Our landlord sucks.

10. Instead of getting paid rent once a month he comes knocknig for it every week.

9. Last year he took out the gas tank that runs our heater. Since we can't afford to put it back, we have no heat other than space heaters.

8. He is using one of the out-buildings as storage for hay!

7. If the door is unlocked when he comes by he will let himself in.

6. Until we put a lock on the shed he would help himself to whatever tool he needed at the time without even asking.

5. He has random people cpme here with him to look at the house or do any work on it. Never the same person

4. When he comes to cut his stupid hay he will leave his tractor or equipment in our yard for weeks. Which means that we have to cut aroung them when we cut grass.

3. He had one of his workers weed eat in our yard this summer and he cut down the gourd plants that we were growing

2. He has been repairing windows in here for almost a year. He took them and we have not seen them since so is he really repairing them?

1. He is sending someone over today to change the electric over from old screw in fuses to an up to date fuse box. I have news for him though. If they have to cut the power for more than an hour it is not happening today.


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