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Friday, November 10, 2006


Dave started back to work tonight, finally!! He was the grumpiest person ever before he left. I hate that! I understand he does not want to go, but come on at least be decent here before you go.
Then, Candy wants me and the kiddos to come and visit for a 2 week stay in either Jan. or Feb. When I mentioned that today, as a prep because I really would like to go, he got all huffy. Now, Candy would be coming to get us, feeding us, and bringing us back. No need for a lot of money really other than some spending money. It would be a great vacation for both of us and I tried to point that out, but he does not want to hear it.
He has an issue with me having friends, I am coming to realize. Everytime that I become friends with someone, he tries to find a fault and then wear it out. It drives me crazy. He was fine with Candy until she wanted to come and get us. I don't know maybe he is just jealous because he would like to go to. If that is the case then he needs to save some money and figure it out so that we could go. Maybe he is worried too that I may go and not come back. Who knows, but tonight I am glad to have the house to myself and my babies!


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Trish said...

ohhh you and the kids need a vacation..Screw him and go!!! he will get over it. Can I come too =)


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